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Unlock Big Data Value


Access relevant and real-time Big Data from any source to make smart actionable decisions that will grow your business

Big Data - Big Opportunity

Significant increases in the volume of data available from multiple sources such as sensors, mobile devices, online transactions and social networks is creating a huge opportunity for companies of all sizes to make a significant impact on their overall business growth by improving products, services, customer experience and productivity.

However, according to Gartner Predicts 2012 research, more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to effectively exploit Big Data by 2015. This is mostly because the Big Data deluge facing organizations is:

  • Big – Terabytes and petabytes of valuable data is constantly generated by employees, customers, partners, or competitors.
  • Diversified – Comes in a wide variety of forms – structured and unstructured spread across many different sources – internal and external.
  • Dynamic – Grows and changes rapidly and in real-time thus requiring shorter processing cycles for a meaningful resulting action

Key for Success: Accessibility and Relevance

In order to extract substantial value from Big Data, companies need to be able to automatically access in real-time only relevant data that will have material impact on their business. Companies must have the flexibility to define and dynamically update their data access and collection strategies regardless of the data source, type or format. This type of relevant available data will enable intelligent and actionable decision making that will transform businesses into agile, data-driven and more successful organizations.

Kapow Katalyst for Big Data

Forrester analysts estimate enterprises use only 5% of their available data. With Katalyst, organizations can tap into large and growing numbers of underutilized data sources, internal or out-side of their firewall, and extract the right data they need. Massive amounts of data can be collected, transformed and delivered to new noSQL data stores for processing with technologies such as Hadoop.

Katalyst enables enterprises to access and integrate web, on-premise or cloud-based data, regardless of the availability of APIs, supporting all current and future data sources. With Katalyst real-time application integration platform, companies can gain access to the necessary data at the right speed and quality for generating meaningful intelligence that can help save costs, grow revenue, create new compelling products, improve customer experience and improve overall business growth.

Big Data