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Kapow Katalyst:
Analytics and Agile Business Intelligence Solutions


Unlock new data sources and deliver relevant, timely data to your agile BI or analytics solutions

Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) systems can give you a clearer understanding of company performance, market trends and customer sentiment. As with any data-driven application, however, the value of these systems is limited by the quality, relevance, latency and completeness of the data you put into them. With the volume of data and number of sources exploding, traditional methods of extracting data are coming up short, resulting in business intelligence that is of dubious quality, outdated or plain wrong.

With Kapow Software you can find, extract, and deliver the most relevant and timely data to your BI or analytics solution, even data locked in systems without APIs that no other method can unlock. Moreover, the Kapow Katalyst™ platform gives you powerful data transformation and delivery automations that maximize process efficiency as well as data quality and compatibility with any BI or analytics solution.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Sub Solutions: