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Big Data Integration Solutions


Accelerate the information supply chain across the organization

Organizations have volatility built into their business – changing market dynamics, new competitors entering the market, employee turnover, shifting macro-economic conditions, new strategic partners etc. The information they need for business agility is also constantly changing and distributed across a variety of internal and external sources. These data sources – including documents, emails, PDFs, internal legacy applications, partner systems, government portals, databases, cloud applications, competitor websites – can provide unique insights for accelerating data-driven decision making.

With Kapow Software's Big Data Integration Platform, this data can be integrated at new speeds, distributed into the hands of business users and leveraged in innovative ways to deliver value across departments and business processes:

Market Intelligence

Integrating data about markets, regulations, compliance requirements, risks, competitors, social conversations, and customers from a variety of structured and structured data sources.

Ecosystem Automation

Building intelligence into key enterprise processes across the B2B supply chain through rapid integration with partners, suppliers and customers.

Content Integration

Synchronizing content between multiple applications for operational efficiency through seamless data migration, transformation and distribution across an organization.